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Revoltge is one of the main writers of Guard Duty, fully joining Syp The Mighty to write the series in 2023 after the two previously wrote Annoyances together in 2012. He also composed the music for Classic Season 2 as well as several Sides episodes. He does not use social media because he is wise.

Revoltge has provided the voice of Emery Eden since the character debuted in Infinity, though he also voices various other characters. An in-universe version of Revoltge appears in Coming Soon, a Guard Duty Sides episode, as an officer for HQ.

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  • Bagels is his least favorite episode, stating "I kinda hate this one" during a rewatch of the series with Syp.
  • Because of his extensive contributions to the story and characterizations in Season 1 and beyond, he now receives a co-creator credit beginning with Wish.