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Elsewhere is the fourth episode of Classic Season 2, as well as the ninth episode of Classic overall.


In another part of the galaxy, two city guards make an encounter.


Ice Box Guards



  • This episode reintroduces Emery, who was last seen in Infinity.
    • Emery is wearing a Recon chest plate rather than the Scout chest plate he had in that episode. This was a mistake on Syp's part as she had misremembered the armor set being entirely Recon. She would later use this to justify Emery's inclusion in WarGames, explaining that he stole the chest plate from Louie Vargas.
  • This is the first, and so far only, episode to not feature any of the guards from Outpost Black Out.
  • This is the first episode to be machinimated with The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, rather than Halo 3 on Xbox 360 that was used all prior episodes.
  • This episode was made due to the extended production time for Reactionary as Syp seeked out Intro-Mind to voice series protagonist Geff Rodrigo and Xanthe Folan to voice Nicole as well as to confirm Emery's return to the series.
  • Revoltge's music returns after previously being used in Annoyances and Major Malfunction, coinciding with Emery's return.


  • Due to a glitch within The Master Chief Collection, every character in this episode has the built-in default emblem on their shoulder pads. This would be fixed in subsequent episodes, with Syp making additional Xbox Live accounts solely for the show's production.