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Coming Soon is the ninth episode of Guard Duty Sides and the fifth to air during Classic Season 2. This episode was made to announce the production of Season 1, Guard Duty, and Rat's Nest.


Miller and Geff watch the morning announcements from HQ.


Black Out Guards




  • This is the first new episode to feature the actual Halo map "Blackout" since Bagels, as well as return to Outpost Black Out in general.
  • While Ella Rhee and Xanthe Folan, the voice actresses of Sarah and Nicole, did not record new audio for this episode as Syp didn't want to rush them with such short notice, archival audio from previous episodes were used for both characters.
  • The production of Season 1, Guard Duty, and Rat's Nest were announced in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to name the UNSC's S.A.F.E. Program, of which the guards are apart of.
  • This is also the first Sides episode to feature Emery, Prim, Ignacio, and The Brigadier.
  • Miller's destroyed mongoose is mentioned again, first seen in The Point.
  • While a Guard Duty-centered Patreon was made to coincide with this episode's release, it would later be taken down on January 22, 2024 due to Syp The Mighty and Revoltge believing the show had not grown the audience to warrant it yet.