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Truth is the seventh episode of Classic Season 2, as well as the twelfth episode of Classic overall.


The guards reunite with the pilot who dropped them off, entirely for the worse.


Black Out Guards



  • Emery's name is revealed in this episode, including his last name Eden. His voice actor Revoltge had actually come up with this name during the production of Annoyances, eleven years prior to this episode's production.
    • Through the episode's credits, Prim's name is revealed. He's also revealed to be a ghost haunting Emery in this episode, rather than being an associate of his.
  • This is the first episode since Infinity to feature new recordings from Revoltge, rather than archival audio.
    • Like Infinity, Revoltge improvised much of Emery's dialogue.
  • Emery reveals many things about the situation the guards are in, such as:
    • The guards were meant to be transferred to Trinity, rather than become Spartan IVs, and that he stranded them on Cold Storage to anger Trinity's chief engineer who also happens to be Geff's mother.
    • Emery is not a pilot for the UNSC, but is actually a hitman who was hired to eliminate Geff's father, which caused Geff's mother to place a bounty on Emery.
  • During a long-winded rant, Emery reveals that he used to be an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) under the UNSC prior to becoming a hitman, and indicates he fought in The Invasion War.
  • This is the first episode to utilize the Halo 2 engine, albeit the version included with The Master Chief Collection, being used to represent the past.