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Dare is the eighth and final episode of Classic Season 2, as well as the thirteenth and final episode of Classic overall.


The game has changed for the guards, almost entirely for the worse.


Black Out Guards




  • This is the first main episode to be co-written by Revoltge, after having previously co-wrote the Sides episode Annoyances.
  • At 12 minutes, this is the longest episode of the series to date. It is also the longest singular work Syp has ever produced.
  • The flashback cold open of this episode, depicting Emery flying the guards to Cold Storage, occurs directly after the events of Infinity.
  • This is the first episode in which Prim's name is actually spoken out loud, said by Emery.
  • The Brigadier, Randy, Molotov, and Cocktail return from WarGames, with this being considered their proper introduction.
    • Percy additionally returns in this episode, revealed to have survived the hit in the back from Emery in Elsewhere.
  • This episode introduces Valentine, the A.I. assistant to The Brigadier.
    • Valentine was originally intended to be represented using Halo 4, as it included an in-game green screen, but due to a glitch within the game Syp was unable to lower Val's weapon. This led to Syp first attempting to use Halo: Reach in its place with a Forge-made bluescreen before realizing she had to purchase it separately on console, eventually figuring out a perfect position on the Halo 3 map Guardian that created the allusion of a green screen to create the same effect in that game.
  • Sarah's status as an engineer is mentioned again in this episode, previously revealed in The Point.
  • Miller was actually planned to die in the previous episode, but Revoltge convinced Syp to keep him alive while they were writing this episode.
  • While editing this episode, the motherboard of Syp's computer gave out and she was forced to buy a new one as well as several other components, essentially replacing everything in her computer while keeping her original hard drive. This delayed the episode by three days after Syp's target release, as she had to rebuild it herself.
  • Syp and Revoltge both consider this to be their favorite episode of the series.
  • Through the credits sequence, the full names of Mitchell Miller, Sarah Daws, Nicole Vega, Emery Eden, Percy O'Hara, and Randy DeLuca are shown on-screen for the first time. Geff and June's last names appeared in Tagged.
  • This is the last episode of Classic, as the series continuity would be reset with the following episode.