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Fazeka is a Sangheili member of The Damned, a group of raiders seeking to take control of Outpost High Ground.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

Fazeka joined Corvus, Riel, and Kazi in arriving on Outpost High Ground at the end of Invader, witnessing Corvus eliminate Cayde Jasper.


Appearances for Kazi

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Fazeka was a Sangheili mercenary who was loyal to The Damned, a large organization of raiders who are determined to awaken Starbreaker, a Forerunner he believed to still be alive in captivity.


Fazeka was a member of The Damned, helping Corvus in recruiting non-human species to their cause.

Role in Plot

Events of WarGames

First seen at the end of Deception and under the command of Corvus, Fazeka took part in taking control of Outpost High Ground. When a SPARTAN-IV showed up with five robot soldiers, Fazeka incapacitated the red robot with the help of Riel and Kazi. He died shortly after helping Riel and Kazi imprison the other four robots.


Appearances for Fazeka


  • He was intended to appear in Ambush, but was his presence was cut during production and instead combined with Kazi. This was due to the limitation of only being able to have eight characters onscreen at one time with two Xbox One consoles, which is mentioned by Riel in that episode as a meta-joke after Red brings up Fazeka's absence.
  • While he didn't have any dialogue in WarGames, he does speak in Season 1 with his voice provided by Revoltge.