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Infinity is the fifth and final episode of Classic Season 1, as well as the fifth episode of Classic overall.


The guards are reassigned.


Black Out Guards



  • This episode introduces Nicole, June's sister. Her last minute introduction was added by Syp The Mighty upon her desire to include more female characters in the series.
  • This episode also introduces Emery, whose role would be expanded in the following season.
    • Intro-Mind, whose voice is heard in the previous episode, was supposed to fulfill this role as the "Pilot" character before Revoltge was cast. Instead, the role was split in two and Alana was killed by Emery as a result.
  • This is the first episode in which Alana is voiced by Syp. Her previous voice actor, Intro-Mind, would later go on to voice Geff, taking over from Syp, starting in Reactionary.
  • Most of Emery's lines were improvised by his voice actor, Revoltge.
  • This is the first episode in which Revoltge also helped with the machinimating aspect.
  • Revoltge designed the pelican's interior where Emery resides in Halo 3's Forge mode on Foundry, one of its many maps.


  • At the start of the episode, Miller is holding his usual battle rifle, however when he's observing Outpost Rat's Nest he has his sniper rifle from Something instead. This is due to these scenes being filmed at separate times, and Syp forgetting Miller had his battle rifle. Miller retains his sniper rifle for the rest of the series.
  • In the original airing of this episode, Emery's final line about not being a pilot was recorded by Syp rather than Revoltge. This was fixed in the At The Movies re-release, with Revoltge now performing the line.