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Syp The Mighty is a filmmaker and artist who has been the director, editor, and lead writer of Guard Duty since its debut in 2011. From 2011 until 2023, Syp was the sole writer for the series until Revoltge fully joined her to craft Season 1 after the two previously wrote Annoyances together in 2012.

Syp has provided the voice of June Vega since her debut in Pilot, as well as several other characters. Her online handle is sypsart. An in-universe version of Syp appears in Coming Soon, a Guard Duty Sides episode, as an officer for HQ.

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  • Her old handle was Jcomix98 when Guard Duty first debuted, adopting her current moniker in 2015 before fully switching over in 2020.
  • She appears as an in-universe version of herself in Coming Soon, an episode of Guard Duty Sides.
  • She has provided the voice of Ellen Delgado in Sandguardians, a series created by Geff's voice actor Intro-Mind, since 2014. She also joined him in co-writing the finale to its fourth season in 2023, and will also contribute to its upcoming fifth season.
  • From 2011 until 2024, Syp used the program Vegas Pro to edit both Guard Duty and the first three episodes of Season 1. Due to an audio bug only within that program causing a piercing screech to the audio from her captured game footage and discovering its unfixable, she switched to Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the fourth episode Season 1 and beyond.
  • When she was producing Classic Season 1, Syp was heavily influenced by popular Halo machinima series Red vs. Blue. However, while developing Classic Season 2 and the rebooted continuity, Syp's biggest influences were Archer, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Harley Quinn as well as the Halo games in which Guard Duty is based.

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