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Operator Richard "Dick" Bosko is the maintenance specialist for HQ, voiced by Revoltge.


Not much is known about Bosko.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

In Team Cosmo!, Bosko turns on the video message from Damien Wilson on Ignacio Dominguez's orders. After the video turns out to be Damien insulting the Cosmo crew, Ignacio dismisses the meeting and Bosko presumably returned to his job. Sometime after, in Dysfunction, a call from Nicole Vega of Outpost Black Out to Felicity Benes was redirected to Bosko in which Nicole explained the situation with June Vega's broken helmet before Bosko told her that it would be 17 months before new helmets would be restocked. After Nicole questions this, Bosko agrees to place the order in anyway before insulting her and hanging up.


  • He was meant to speak in Team Cosmo!, with his voice being provided by Revoltge, but was cut for time. Revoltge would later voice him in Dysfunction, which was written prior to that episode.
  • Syp The Mighty originally wanted Chase Hobby, the original voice of Miller, to voice Bosko but couldn't find a way to contact him.


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