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Captain Mitchell Miller is a main character in Guard Duty, voiced by Blankslate_GG. He is the head guard of Outpost Black Out.


Miller is a despicable, angry old man who projects his insecurities onto the other soldiers stationed on Outpost Black Out. His rude behavior is likely due to his participation in the Invasion War. He regards women as beneath him, making snide comments at Sarah's expense in Wish. Because of this, the soldiers he works with do not like nor respect him and barely tolerate him.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

In Wish, Miller chastises Sarah Daws for being unable to fix his destroyed Mongoose until Geff Rodrigo comes in and asks while restating Sarah's reasoning. Miller's acknowledgement of this led Sarah to storm out of the room, followed by an also-present Nicole Vega and Geff. Miller simply grumbles about his dislike for his own platoon on Outpost Black Out. Later, in HQ, Miller dismisses Geff's attempts to call HQ. Sometime after that, in Fax, Miller asks Sarah if the faxes from HQ had arrived. Without answering him, Sarah storms off as Nicole follows away from Miller.

The next day, in Machine, Miller admires his newly-repaired mongoose before Geff approaches him to ask about their job status. After Miller rejects Geff, a large crate falls and crushes the mongoose much to Miller's dismay. Sarah reveals she had been the one to order a repair droid who later introduces itself. Miller dismisses it immediately, calling it a "bucket of bolts" before being attacked by the robot. Watching him get beaten by the robot, Geff calls for Nicole to save Miller from it, to which she arrives and manages to deactivate it. Miller then reluctantly thanks Nicole before June Vega wakes up and notices the chaos, deciding to walk away from it rather than ask questions. Shortly after, in Replacement, Miller enters where his subordinates are on break before chastising them about not working. Due to a rude back and forth of insults with Nicole and Sarah, Miller storms off specifically by being questioned about what he's done for humanity since the Invasion War.



Miller tries to mentor Geff in his own, demented way, though Geff is unaware. Despite this, Geff is Miller's favorite based purely on the fact he is a man as shown by him acknowledging Geff's statements about his Mongoose even though Sarah had said the same thing just moments before in Wish.


Miller does not respect Sarah's intelligence and questions her status in the military to begin with just for being a woman. In Wish, Miller annoys Sarah to the point of the latter storming off, leading Miller to call her a "primadonna." Miller also applies Sarah's successes to Geff Rodrigo, also seen in Wish.


While certainly not fond of her, Miller seems to at least respect Nicole as he doesn't insult her as he does Sarah in Wish and in Machine he thanks her for saving him from the malfunctioning repair robot rather than apply credit to Geff.


  • According to June in Wish, Miller has a fascination with bagels.
  • Syp The Mighty had been wanting to recast Miller since the production of Classic Season 2 wrapped, with Revoltge initially vetoing it. Syp would ultimately get her wish during the production of Replacement, casting Blankslate_GG in her place. Blankslate_GG will additionally re-dub its first four episodes for the season's At The Movies re-release, as Syp felt his performance was better suited for the character overall.



Appearances for Miller

Classic Header.png

Captain Mitchell Miller is a main character in Classic, originally voiced by Chase Hobby and later Syp The Mighty. He is the head guard of Outpost Black Out.

Role in Plot

Events of Classic Season 1

Miller first appears in Something, asking June Vega why Geff Rodrigo is calling HQ. After a quick back and forth, Miller directs June to remind Sarah to receive a fax from HQ before being swiftly rebuffed. Later, in The Point, Miller chides Sarah Daws for failing to fix his Mongoose despite being the team engineer. Sometime after, in The Transfer, Geff informs Miller and Sarah about apparent applications to the SPARTAN-IV Program by inquiring about their interest in signing up for such a thing. Miller and Sarah agree, with Miller telling Geff to call HQ about applying. Later, Miller waited with Geff by the landing bay on Outpost Black Out as they awaited their transport. Suddenly, their pilot arrives.

Immediately after, in Infinity, Miller and Geff gather Sarah and June to board the transport when Nicole Vega suddenly rejoins the group after being forgotten by everyone. When they're all gathered in the transport, the guards soon realize their pilot has switched to someone else who dislikes them greatly. This new pilot would make a short stop on Outpost Rat's Nest, to which Miller complimented before being informed that this new pilot intended to destroy said outpost.

Miller makes a guest appearance in the final episode of WarGames, Ambush, where he criticizes Emery Eden for firing missiles toward Outpost High Ground. This leads Emery to insult and dismiss Miller.

Events of Classic Season 2

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  • Miller was voiced by Chase Hobby in Classic Season 1 and the Sides episode Annoyances, then voiced by James Brown Jr. in Bagels, another Sides episode.
  • In The Point, Miller briefly mentions that he fought in the Invasion War.
  • In Clueless, Miller offhandedly mentions his deceased wife.
  • Miller is the only member of Outpost Black Out to not be depicted in the Halo 2 engine, with only his voice being heard in the flashback opening of Truth. This is due to Miller's unique armor configuration being unavailable in that game, as it was not introduced until its sequel and the main game the series uses, Halo 3.
  • Miller was originally planned to die for good in Truth, but Revoltge convinced Syp to keep him alive for Dare and beyond.
  • While Miller has his now-signature sniper rifle in his debut appearance, he uses a battle rifle in the following three episodes. He is seen with his sniper rifle again when the pelican flying him and the guards away from Outpost Black Out stops at Outpost Rat's Nest, though it's not explained how he regained it as he's seen with his battle rifle when he departed from the former. Regardless, Miller retained his sniper rifle in Annoyances and the rest of the series as his primary weapon.
  • Since Bagels, Miller has had a fascination with bagels, being mentioned again in Bitter.


Appearances for Miller