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Private First Class Sarah Daws is the deuteragonist of Guard Duty, voiced by Ella Rhee. She is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.


Sarah is an awkward, yet cynical woman who thinks of herself as very intelligent, mostly thanks to her status as an engineer. Despite this, she's not very good with vehicles. She doesn't get along with her boss Miller and has a one-sided dislike for Geff, but she has been shown to be cordial with June and Nicole, mostly the latter whom she is heavily implied to have romantic feelings for, hinted at in Fax.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

Due to not having the right parts to fix Miller's mongoose in Wish, Sarah is berated by her captain, Mitchell Miller. After a back and forth, also joined by her coworker and best friend Nicole Vega, Sarah goes on her break due to frustration. Later, in HQ, Sarah excitedly tells Nicole's sister and coworker June Vega that she convinced Nicole to watch the Lord of the Rings film series with her as they all three discuss it. This conversation is interrupted by Geff Rodrigo, another coworker whom she dislikes, asking if any of the three women wanted to join him take inventory. After Nicole rudely rejects Geff, Sarah agrees with her that Geff should stop pushing his interests. This causes a now-hysterical Geff to run off crying.

Sarah with Nicole during Replacement

Sometime after that, in Fax, Sarah attempts to receive a fax from HQ while chatting with Nicole until the machine breaks. When Miller enters and demands to know where the fax is, Sarah quietly storms off as Nicole follows. Sarah then encounters Geff trying to call HQ, kicking him off and making a call herself. When Nicole finally catches up, Sarah makes the call and is answered by an automated system operator informing her that a repair robot will be dispatched to Outpost Black Out the following day. Despite Nicole insisting it's too good to be true, Sarah takes the win and mentions having a headache. When Nicole complains about having to talk to someone else, Sarah offers her to join her but quickly interrupts herself and runs off, much to Nicole's confusion.

The next day, in Machine, the repair robot arrives much to Geff's surprise and Miller's chagrin due to the crate it arrived in crushing his newly-fixed mongoose. Sarah then arrives to reveal she ordered for the robot, though Miller is dismissive of this and discounts the robot as a "bucket of bolts." Because of this comment, the robot malfunctions and attacks Miller as Sarah and Geff watch. After Sarah asks if they should do anything about it, Geff calls out for Nicole to save Miller. When Nicole arrives and successfully deactivates the robot, Sarah comments on how strong Nicole is in awe. Shortly after, in Replacement, Sarah reminisces about Jace Casper's transfer with Nicole and June to Geff before Miller enters to chastise them. Sarah encourages Nicole's insults toward Miller and then asks Miller what he's done for humanity lately after he mentions his participation in "the Invasion War". Miller then storms off, much to Sarah's delight.



Sarah and Nicole get along really well, even if Sarah isn't as fond of Nicole's interests as she is. Regardless, they stick together as shown when Nicole follows Sarah upon the latter storming off from Miller in Wish. In HQ it's revealed that Sarah and Nicole watched the Lord of the Rings films alone together, showing their friendship. Sarah encourages much of Nicole's more rude tendencies, like when Nicole insults Miller or Geff in various episodes


Sarah dislikes Miller, primarily due to him insulting her intelligence purely because she's a woman.


Sarah is not a fan of Geff, and sees him as undermining her in Wish. She also doesn't respect his interests, as she tells him in HQ.


Sarah appears to be friends with June, or at least friendly, as she excitedly told her about Nicole joining her to watch the Lord of the Rings films in HQ.


  • She is the only member of the main cast to not have an American accent, as she is from Australia.



Appearances for Sarah

Classic Header.png

Private First Class Sarah Daws is a main character in Classic, originally voiced by Winter and later Ella Rhee. She is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.

Role in Plot

Like the other guards of Outpost Black Out, Sarah had been stationed there for years prior to Talking, as shown in the flashback sequence of Truth.

Events of Classic Season 1

In Something, Sarah is mentioned by Miller as being tasked to receive faxed papers from ONI. She attempts to fix a mongoose under the guidance of Miller in The Point, where the two squabble over Sarah's ineffectiveness at vehicle repair despite being an engineer. Later, in The Transfer, her coworker Geff convinces her and Miller to join the Spartan IV Program with him. Sarah attempted to bring a large crate of items with her, but they were ultimately left behind. In Infinity, Sarah and the other guards are flown to Cold Storage by Emery posing as an official UNSC pilot.

Events of Classic Season 2

While stranded on Cold Storage during Trapped!, Sarah attempted to break her coworker Nicole out of the Flood containment center within the facility. Even with Geff's help, it was to no avail and she had given up to attend an all-hands meeting called by Miller during Paranoia. She and June would then be sent to go patrol outside of the facility, which led them to encounter a silent Emery who threatened to shoot them before ultimately deciding against it. Afterward, when Sarah and June returned to Miller and Geff in Reactionary, Nicole broke out of the containment center and insulted the guards for their ineffectiveness at helping her. Sarah then attempted to diffuse the situation by telling Nicole how she cleaned and organized their shared room. Miller then commanded everyone to look for Emery outside, and encountered him shortly after in Truth. Sarah was left flabbergasted when Emery explained he was seeking out Geff after incapacitating Miller.

Moments later in Dare, Emery is shot at by unknown attackers. Fearful for their own lives, Sarah and Nicole run toward cover behind a crate while June runs off somewhere else. In a rush, Nicole comes up with a plan to steal Emery's pelican and Sarah agrees to go along with it. Running past a distracted Emery, Sarah and Nicole board his pelican and fly off much to his anger. Piloted by Nicole, the duo eventually crash landed on an unknown planet. Nicole agrees to go exploring with Sarah after the realization it was alien in nature.


  • She was voiced by Winter in Classic Season 1 and the Sides episodes Annoyances and Bagels. During the production of Trapped!, Ella Rhee was cast after Syp had heard her performance as Marilyn Houston from the Sandguardians machinima series.
  • She is the only member of the main cast to not have an American accent, as she is from Australia.
    • She was originally planned to be British, but was changed to Australian by her original voice actress Winter. This led to Ella Rhee's casting, who natively speaks with an Australian accent, during the production of Classic Season 2 for consistency.
  • She is briefly mentioned in Something, ahead of her debut in the following episode.
  • According to Miller in The Point, Sarah is an engineer. Nicole brings this up again in Dare as she chides Sarah for not knowing how to pilot a pelican. It once again comes up in Wish.



Appearances for Sarah