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Operator Felicity Benes is the tech support specialist for the UNSC Cosmo, voiced by Firesinopa.


Felicity tries to be nice to the guards, much to the chagrin of her coworker Eleanor Winkler.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

In Team Cosmo!, Benes chuckles at Eleanor Winkler hanging up the phone on Percy O'Hara before Ignacio Dominguez calls for her over the intercom. Arriving at the all-hands meeting with Eleanor, Benes watches a video message left by Damien Wilson due to his death that insults everyone. Upon watching this and questioning the purpose, Benes walks off back to work. Sometime after, in Dysfunction, Benes is called by Nicole Vega of Outpost Black Out about replacing June Vega's broken helmet only for her to explain that she's with I.T. and not maintenance. As a result, Benes redirects Nicole to Dick Bosko.


  • Her secondary color is the same as Nicole Vega, a nod to her voice actor Firesinopa having been the original voice of Nicole in Classic Season 1.


Appearances for Felicity