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The United Nations Space Command, often abbreviated to UNSC, is the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government who owns the SAFE Program.


  • SAFE Program - A mass surveillance project involving several outposts becoming satellites monitored by the UNSC Cosmo and guarded by low-level soldiers.
  • SPARTAN Program - A controversial project that created several supersoldiers for the UNSC, including the Brigadier and Alana Reynolds.
  • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers - Also known as ODST, elite soldiers who are dropped from the sky.
  • Marines - The soldiers of the UNSC.


UNSC Cosmo

The communications center for the UNSC's SAFE Program, with select SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers occasionally sent to check in on its outposts.


Supersoldiers created from the SPARTAN Program. Some of these soldiers work under the UNSC Cosmo.


Low-level soldiers once part of the larger UNSC before being sent to the SAFE Program, reporting to the UNSC Cosmo.


  • The SAFE program is first properly named in Fax, the third episode of Season 1, though it was also mentioned in the Sides episode Coming Soon.
  • ONI, an intelligence agency within the Halo games, is mentioned by Miller in Something, though it is unknown if they exist in the main series continuity.