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Private Diego Jones is a soldier stationed on Outpost High Ground, voiced by Syp The Mighty.


Jones was an immature and rude man who deserves anything bad that happens to him.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

At the end of Machine, Jones swiftly dismisses claims from Collins to have seen a warthog on the beach of Outpost High Ground, with Jack O'Brien agreeing with Jones. After Linda Kelen criticizes O'Brien for supposedly changing his armor to a captain's uniform in the absence of Cayde Jasper, Jones joins O'Brien in dismissing her.


Appearances for Jones

Private Diego Jones was a soldier stationed on Outpost High Ground.

Role in Plot

Events of Major Malfunction

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Events of WarGames

Moments after driving out of Outpost High Ground's front gate, in the opening flashback of Ambush, Jones witnesses O'Brien and Kelen both get shot by a plasma blast. In response, he and Collins exit the warthog and attempt to escape only to encounter a soldier clad in black armor that lunged at them with her sword. Later, in Deception, Spartan Louie Vargas and five repurposed protocol robots investigate the attack and two of the robots discover the dead bodies of Jones and Collins before dismissing them entirely.


  • His first name is never stated in-series, with Major Malfunction co-creator Syp The Mighty coming up with it after the release of WarGames. During the production of the original run, its creators considered his first name to be Mitchell. Syp would end up using this as the first name for Miller, a main character in Guard Duty proper.
  • While Syp has voiced Jones in all of his appearances, her voice direction is inconsistent throughout Major Malfunction, as Syp would sometimes pitch her voice to make it deeper but other times would not. This would continue in WarGames, with Syp's voice direction in its finale being based on her portrayal of Dino Jones, who she considers to be the twin brother of Jones.



Appearances for Jones