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Brigadier General Athena-201 is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier, voiced by Corvaeraas. She is humanity's greatest champion, and commonly referred to as just the Brigadier.

Role in Plot

Events of WarGames

Upon the death of Spartan Louie Vargas and the disappearance of Spartan Alana Reynolds, The Brigadier was sent by Randy DeLuca to Outpost High Ground to investigate the incident leading to the former's demise. She is accompanied by Molotov and Cocktail, working on behalf of Trinity.

Events of Classic Season 2

Sometime later, in Dare, The Brigadier and her A.I. partner Valentine join Randy in questioning Percy O'Hara, a guard who was stationed on Outpost Ice Box. The Brigadier tells Valentine she does not trust him or any guard for that matter, though Valentine dismisses this as Randy begins the interrogation.



  • Her Spartan number comes from the year Halo: Combat Evolved was first released, 2001.
  • Her overall appearance was inspired by Kurt-051 from the Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx, in which he appears on the cover illustration.
  • While she wore the Scout chest plate in WarGames, Syp The Mighty intends to give her the Mirage chest plate matching her helmet when she next appears, as well as a cobalt and green color scheme.


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