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Corporal Nicole Vega is a main character in Guard Duty, voiced by Xanthe Folan. She is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.


Nicole is a brash, loud, and angry woman who can't stand her fellow soldiers on Outpost Black Out, including her sister June. Being very combative, she usually butts heads with her boss Miller, whom she does not respect. Her insults have no filter, and are usually directed toward her boss as well as her coworker Geff. Despite this, she has been shown to be cordial with Sarah, though seems unaware of Sarah's affection for her.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

While her boss Miller was chastising her coworker Sarah for not fixing his Mongoose in Wish, Nicole chose to side with Sarah and insinuated that Miller's love for the vehicle was the reason their headquarters didn't respect him. After Sarah storms off, Nicole insults Miller by calling him 'crusty' before going after Sarah. Later, in HQ, it's revealed that Nicole was convinced by Sarah to watch the Lord of the Rings film series with her as they both discuss it with Nicole's sister June Vega.

Sometime later, in Fax, she chats with Sarah while she uses the fax machine. When it breaks and Miller walks in asking about a fax from HQ, Sarah storms off as Nicole follows. As Sarah gets to the communication room and gets Geff to leave, Nicole slowly makes her way too her. Nicole then continues chatting with Sarah as the latter calls HQ requesting a fix for the busted fax machine. When the system operator tells Sarah that HQ will send a repair robot, she decides to take a rest much to Nicole's chagrin due to Nicole not wanting to talk with her sister or other coworkers. While Sarah offers Nicole to join her, she quickly backtracks and runs off to the bathroom, leaving Nicole confused.

The next day, in Machine, Geff calls out for Nicole when the repair droid sent by HQ ended up attacking Miller. Nicole ends up punching the machine continuously until it deactivated, in which Miller reluctantly thanks her. Shortly after, in Replacement, Nicole reminisces about Jace Casper's transfer with Sarah and June to Geff before Miller enters to chastise them. Nicole and Miller proceed to exchange insults to one another before Sarah then asks Miller what he's done for humanity lately after he mentions his participation in "the Invasion War". Miller then storms off, much to Nicole's delight.



Nicole gets along really well with Sarah, and is unaware that Sarah isn't as enthusiastic about Nicole's interests as she thinks. Regardless, they stick together as shown by her following Sarah when she stormed off from Miller in Wish. In HQ it's revealed that Nicole and Sarah watched the Lord of the Rings films alone together, showing their friendship.


Nicole isn't impressed with Geff and is disinterested in being friends with him, despite Geff's desire for it.


Nicole and June are sisters, though they don't appear to share the same interests as June acts dismissive toward Nicole watching Lord of the Rings.


Nicole does not like nor respect Miller, even insulting him to his face in Wish.


  • She is a fan of the BIONICLE toyline, referring to the repair droid who attacked Miller in Machine as a "BIONICLE reject" and is shown to get into arguments about it online in the Sides episode Heated.



Appearances for Nicole

Classic Header.png

Corporal Nicole Vega is a major character in Classic, originally voiced by Firesinopa and later Xanthe Folan. She is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.

Role in Plot

Like the other guards of Outpost Black Out, Nicole had been stationed there for years prior to Talking, as shown in the opening flashback of Truth.

Events of Classic Season 1

Nicole first appears in Infinity, when she chides her sister June Vega along with the other guards for attempting to leave her behind upon their relocation to Cold Storage.

Nicole reuniting with the Black Out Guards during Reactionary

Events of Classic Season 2

Upon being flown to Cold Storage by Emery Eden posing as an official pilot, she ends up locked inside of the facility's Flood containment center while investigating it in Trapped!, leading her coworker Sarah Daws to try breaking her out. Even with Geff Rodrigo's help, Sarah was unsuccessful and ended up leaving Nicole behind to attend an all-hands meeting led by head guard Mitchell Miller. Geff and Miller observed Nicole at the start of Reactionary, without helping her, and ended up leaving her inside. Nicole would ultimately break out of the containment center herself and insult her team during a meeting for leaving her in there. At this meeting, Nicole learned of Sarah and June's encounter with Emery and is commanded by Miller to join him in seeking Emery out. When the guards re-encounter Emery in Truth, Nicole suggests jumping him before he ultimately incapacitated Miller and attacked Geff. Nicole didn't seem to mind her boss being hurt.

Moments later in Dare, Emery is shot at by unknown attackers. Fearful for their own lives, Nicole and Sarah run toward cover behind a crate while June runs off somewhere else. In a rush, Nicole comes up with a plan to steal Emery's pelican and Sarah agrees to go along with it. Running past a distracted Emery, Nicole and Sarah board his pelican and fly off much to his anger. Piloted by Nicole, the duo eventually crash landed on an unknown planet. Nicole agrees to go exploring with Sarah after the realization it was alien in nature.


  • She was voiced by Firesinopa in Classic Season 1 and the Sides episode Annoyances. During the production of Trapped!, Xanthe Folan was cast after Syp had heard her performance as Evelyn Nash from the Sandguardians machinima series, though she would not make her debut until Reactionary.
  • Nicole's last name, Vega, is revealed in the credits sequence for Dare. She shares her last name with her sister, June.
  • In her debut appearance, Nicole wears a CQB chest plate to match June in addition to her Mark VI helmet and shoulder pads. However, from Annoyances onward she wears a Mark VI chest plate. While series creator Syp The Mighty can't remember the reason for the initial change, she retained the Mark VI chest plate in Classic Season 2 as the CQB had become associated with higher ranking soldiers by that point.
  • She is a fan of the BIONICLE franchise, as shown in Heated. She is also a reader of the Warrior Cats book series, as mentioned by Sarah in Reactionary.


Appearances for Nicole