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Private Jace Casper is a soldier stationed on Outpost Rat's Nest, voiced by Blankslate_GG. Prior to the events of Guard Duty, he was stationed on Outpost Black Out.


Jace's humor is an acquired taste, being dry, much to the annoyance of his coworkers. He wasn't afraid to bite back against the insults of his coworkers, though this caused him to be pummeled and transferred to another outpost.

Role in Plot

Prior to the events of Season 1

Four years before the events of Wish, Jace is stationed on Outpost Black Out along with Sarah Daws, Nicole Vega, June Vega, and Mitchell Miller. However, after being attacked by Nicole in the opening flashback of Replacement for calling her and Sarah "bitchly", Jace is reassigned to Outpost Rat's Nest via medevac to avoid similar incidents.



June did not like Jace, and insisted he not speak in the opening flashback of Replacement.


Sarah disliked Jace, asking Nicole to hit him for not understanding his jokes in the opening flashback of Replacement.


Nicole strongly disliked Jace, pummeling him for referring to her and Sarah as "bitchly" in the opening flashback of Replacement.


  • Jace's color scheme is a mirror to Geff Rodrigo, being red/white to Geff's blue/white. This is because Syp The Mighty thinks of Jace as an Anti-Geff in both appearance and personality.
  • Jace's personality was based on the original version of Cayde Jasper during the production of Major Malfunction prior to that character being scrapped, hence their similar names.
  • Jace was originally intended to appear in June Vega's place for an unrealized reboot of Classic that Syp was quietly planning in 2014. As this never came to fruition, June was cemented as a mainstay upon the production of Classic Season 2, with Jace nearly being left on the cutting room floor. While writing Season 1, Syp and Revoltge came up with the scenario of Geff being a later addition to the group and wrote Jace's debut episode Replacement as a result.
  • He is the first character to debut in the Halo 2 engine, rather than the Halo 3 engine as most characters had.


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