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Private Geff Alejandro Esteban Montoyo Francisco Rodrigo is the main protagonist of Guard Duty, voiced by Intro-Mind. He is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.


Geff is a naive, yet genuine individual who tries looking at life from a more positive perspective, much to the chagrin of his fellow soldiers on Outpost Black Out.

Role in Plot

Events of Season 1

While on patrol with June in Wish, Geff expresses his frustrations with the lack of action at Outpost Black Out. When June walks away from him, Geff meets up with Miller, Sarah, and Nicole during an argument between Miller and Sarah in which Miller praises Geff for restating something Sarah had said prior. After Sarah storms off to her break, Miller makes a snide comment that leads Geff to awkwardly walk away from him as well.

Later, in HQ, he attempts to contact HQ about higher level work but is swiftly shut down by Ignacio Dominguez. Ignacio then berates Geff before telling him that he has to go through his commanding officer for any future calls, leading Geff to ask Miller. Miller also shuts Geff down, causing a hysterical Geff to run off. He then approaches Sarah, Nicole, and June while they were having a moment of silence, asking them if they want to join him in taking inventory. This leads Nicole to berate Geff, who runs off crying after Sarah joins her in bullying him. Some amount of time after that, in Fax, Geff attempts to call HQ yet again but is kicked off the phone by Sarah. When he tries to take claim, a fierce stare causes Geff to run out.

The next day, in Machine, Geff witnesses Miller's mongoose get destroyed by a large crate of unknown origin after asking him if HQ will ever give them more work. After Sarah reveals to them that she was the one who had requested it from HQ, a repair droid reveals itself as being sent to fix the broken fax machine. Because of a snide comment Miller makes at its expense, the robot attacked him as Geff watches in horror. When Sarah asks him if they should do anything about it, Geff decides to call for Nicole. Despite being annoyed with him for yelling, Geff convinces Nicole to help Miller. After Nicole successfully deactivates the robot, Geff comments that he's glad she's on the same team as him. Shortly after, in Replacement, Geff listens as Sarah, Nicole, and June reminisce about the transfer of Jace Casper to his horror. Through this, Geff learns that his coworkers had been on Outpost Black Out for a year prior to his arrival. After Miller enters and chastises the group, he storms off because Sarah and Nicole's comments against him. Geff then his relief that he isn't the only one they're mean to.



While Geff spends a lot of time with June, she hasn't been shown to enjoy Geff's company at all and even walked away from him while he was talking in Wish.


Geff is neutral to Miller, though Miller seems to like Geff purely because he is a man in Wish.


Geff wants to befriend Sarah, but she does not reciprocate and will usually join Nicole in bullying him.


Geff wants to befriend Nicole, but she heavily dislikes him and even bullies him.




Appearances for Geff

Classic Header.png

Private Geff Rodrigo is the main protagonist of Classic, originally voiced by Syp The Mighty and later Intro-Mind. He is a soldier stationed on Outpost Black Out.

Role in Plot

Events of Classic Season 1

Three years since being stationed on Outpost Black Out, in Talking, Geff grows unhappy with his situation and begins venting to his coworker June Vega. In Something he began making calls to HQ begging to be sent on "real" missions. In The Point, Geff expresses a desire to join the Spartan IV Program after learning that guards could apply. In The Transfer, Geff convinces his boss Mitchell Miller and coworker Sarah Daws to sign up with him for the Spartan IV Program. They agree on the condition that Geff makes the call to apply.

Immediately after, in the WarGames episode Upgrade, Geff is seen on a video transmission from Outpost Black Out as he is informed by Ignacio Dominguez that he and the other guards' reassignment to a Spartan fireteam was approved. Geff expressed much glee before being hung up on by Ignacio, unaware he was lied to. After that, still during The Transfer, Geff informs his coworkers that they're becoming Spartans. Geff later stands with Miller awaiting the arrival of Alana Reynolds, whom the guards were informed would be picking them up. After expressing no attachment to their now-former outpost, a pelican arrives.

In Infinity, Geff calls out for Sarah to board the pelican. With June already inside, Miller takes roll call and assumes everyone is there, only to be met with an angered Nicole Vega. Nicole then berates the guards, specifically her sister June, before Geff catches her up about their new status as Spartans. Once boarded, the pilot informs the guards that they'll be taking off before Geff realizes that Alana suddenly sounds different. This new pilot reveals he killed Alana and stuffed her under his chair, confusing Geff. Upon departing, the pilot detonates Outpost Black Out before stopping at Outpost Rat's Nest afterward. Geff briefly walks around the outpost to get some fresh air with Miller before the pilot calls them back to the pelican. The pilot detonates Outpost Rat's Nest shortly after, confusing Geff and the guards further.

Events of Classic Season 2

In the beginning flashback of Dare, still aboard the questionable pilot's pelican, the guards begin to berate Geff after he expresses discomfort with June and Nicole's bickering. Much to everyone's confusion, the pilot suddenly announces over the intercom that they're going to remain guards and be reassigned to Cold Storage instead.

Sometime after being dropped off on Cold Storage, in Clueless, Geff questions Miller about the Flood contained inside of several test tubes around the supposed outpost. Miller dismisses his concerns. Later, in Trapped!, Miller tasks Geff with grouping up everyone else for an all-hands meeting. This leads Geff to find Sarah, who is attempting to get Nicole out of the Flood Containment Center. After two hours of trying and failing to do so, Geff suggests they leave Nicole inside to attend the meeting, which Sarah agrees to. Moments after, in Paranoia, Geff and Sarah attend Miller's meeting along with June where Miller explains he saw something on his radar. After a back and forth, Miller sends Sarah and June to patrol outside while he and Geff stay behind. Miller then questions Geff about Nicole, leading Geff to run back to her after forgetting.

Later, in Reactionary, Miller and Geff decide to once again give up on helping Nicole out of the Flood Containment Center. Shortly after that they were rejoined by Sarah and June, who revealed they encountered the pilot that dropped them off while checking out what Miller's radar detected. Nicole then returns to the group as well, after another back and forth, revealing she broke out of the Flood Containment Center herself and that she believes the Flood inside of it were still alive. At the end of the impromptu meeting, Miller decides to seek out the pilot as a unit.

In the opening flashback of Truth, set three years prior to the events of Talking, Geff arrives on Outpost Black Out and introduces himself to his new coworkers June Vega, Sarah Daws, and Nicole Vega, the latter of which criticizes Geff's name and indicates he should have chosen a new one. In the present day, Miller leads Geff and the other guards outside where they encounter the pilot once again. The pilot reveals himself to be a hitman named Emery and that he stranded the guards on Cold Storage as part of his plan to get revenge on Geff's very own mother. Geff, baffled by this, attempted to claim Emery must be mistaken. This leads Emery to subdue Geff by punching him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

In Dare, an unconscious Geff is dragged by Emery into hiding as he and the guards are attacked by assassins Molotov and Cocktail. Emery then throws Geff out into the ocean surrounding Cold Storage, jumping in right after, and drags a still-unconscious Geff through the oceans before they arrived at an abandoned fish processing facility. When Geff awakens, he expresses dismay at being stuck with Emery, who berates him.


  • He was voiced by Syp The Mighty from Pilot until Paranoia, the third episode of Classic Season 2. Upon that episode's release, Syp stepped down from the role due to feeling that the voice she had done for Geff, which was her go-to mocking voice, wouldn't work if she wanted to properly develop him as a character going forward. As such, during the production of Reactionary, Intro-Mind was cast in her place because of his performances as Dax Shepard from the Sandguardians machinima series. As such, Geff's characterization was completely shifted for future episodes including the new Season 1.
  • His name is pronounced as Jeff during Classic Season 1, with it's proper pronunciation as Geff with a hard G being revealed in Clueless, the first episode of the second season.
  • His last name, Rodrigo, was first shown in Tagged.
  • He is a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, also shown in Tagged.


Appearances for Geff