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Machine is the fourth episode of Season 1 and Guard Duty overall. This episode sees the guards encountering a repair robot sent by HQ to fix their broken fax machine.


A repair droid arrives to fix the fax machine, but it provides a little more than what the guards were asking for.


Black Out Guards


High Ground Guards



  • This episode occurs one day after the previous episode.
    • The title of this episode combines with the prior episode's title, Fax, to make "Fax Machine," to signify this episodes continues directly after it.
  • The repair robot's appearance is an intentional reference to Pink from WarGames and a subtle one to June as she appeared in Classic Season 1 with the Mark V helmet and CQB chest plate.
  • This episode reintroduces the guards of Outpost High Ground from Major Malfunction and WarGames, occurring sometime before both series. Blankslate_GG reprises his role as O'Brien from the latter.
  • This episode also introduces Jasper as the original captain of High Ground before being killed by Emery.
    • He was originally planned to appear in Major Malfunction, to be introduced in its unrealized fourth episode with Blankslate_GG providing his voice, though he was to be established as always having been there via retcon and be the same rank as Collins and Jones. Regardless, Blankslate_GG did indeed provide Jasper's voice in this episode over ten years after this scrapped appearance, albeit with different voice direction.
  • Revoltge and TheIdsStudios reprise their roles as Emery and Prim respectively from the Classic series.
  • This is the last episode in which Syp provides the voice of Miller, with Blankslate_GG taking over the role starting with the following episode.
  • Nicole being a fan of BIONICLE is mentioned again, first established in Heated, when she calls the repair robot a "Bionicle reject".


  • The word "Premiere" is misspelled during the end credits as "Premire." Syp only noticed after the episode was uploaded, but felt it was not a big deal.