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Wish is the first episode of Season 1 and Guard Duty overall. This episode introduces the low-level soldiers stationed on Outpost Black Out.


Geff has a wish, but more importantly, June does not care. Also Sarah argues with her boss Miller, surprising no one.


Black Out Guards


  • This episode introduces an all new main continuity for the series, with all previous episodes now referred to as Guard Duty.
  • This episode reimagines Talking and The Point from Classic Season 1, as well as elements of Annoyances.
  • While Geff's opening line in Talking, Annoyances, and Question always ends with "You know what I hate?", this episode instead has Geff ask June "You know what I wish?", where this episode gets its title from. The reason for this change was because Syp and Revoltge envisioned Geff to be more positive and naive like his portrayal in Classic Season 2 rather than bitter and cynical as he was in Classic Season 1.
  • Sarah's status as an engineer from The Point and Dare is reintroduced during hers and Miller's argument.
  • Nicole is revealed to be a Lego fan, an allusion to her being a BIONICLE fan as shown in Heated.
  • June wears the entire Mark VI armor set in this episode, rather than having the Mark V helmet she had during the Classic era.
  • Miller's obsession with bagels from Bagels is reintroduced via a comment from June.
  • This is the first episode to feature original music by Cole Vakassian, rather than Syp and Revoltge.