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BattleDudes is the informal name for various comedy sketches machinimated within the Halo video games. These sketches introduced the Protocol Robots as well as a younger Ignacio Dominguez, who would be given their own spinoff series in the form of WarGames. Because of this, BattleDudes can be seen as a precursor to WarGames.



Preview Title Released Description Characters
Myth.png Myth November 3, 2011 Two soldiers observe something mysterious. Red The Hunter
Red The Player
Short 6.png Jobless January 22, 2012 A young Ignacio begs for his job from the Admiral. Ignacio Dominguez
The Admiral
Chief & MLG.png Chief & MLG February 25, 2012 The Chief enters matchmaking and encounters a pro, or does he? I don't remember. Green The Chief
Red The Hunter
Sandguardians2.png Sandguardians Leaked Footage February 26, 2012 Totally real and not fake footage from Sandguardians Season 2. Guy in White
ONC Soldier
Green The Chief
NOM.png NOM April 30, 2013 nom. Red The Hunter
Blue The Guy
CONVO.png CONVO May 1, 2013 The most interesting conversation ever. Red The Hunter
Blue The Guy
WORK.png WORK May 10, 2013 Going to work can get confusing sometimes. Red The Hunter
Blue The Guy
SPARTANS.png SPARTANS June 1, 2013 Spartans never die. They're just, dead. Yellow The Rookie
Green The Chief
Red The Hunter


  • WarGames was spawned from this series, with the color-coded Protocol Robots being a central focus of that series. Green and Red also appear in Why-Fi, with Green donning his Chief & MLG design.
  • This series crossed over with Sandguardians in a parody of that series, changing the events of an episode to feature Green eliminating everyone else.
  • When produced, these episodes were not considered a series and instead were all one-offs.

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