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Dysfunction is the sixth episode of Season 1 and Guard Duty overall.


June's helmet has glitched out so Geff and Sarah are on the case!


Black Out Guards



  • This episode reunites nearly the entire cast of Classic Season 1, with the exception of Chase Hobby, and premiered on the twelfth anniversary of its finale.
  • Geff saying "But you're the team's engineer, you GOTTA know how to fix it!" to Sarah is a reference to The Point, in which Miller tells her the same thing.
  • Eleanor and Benes return from Team Cosmo!, though this episode was written prior.
    • Bosko also returns from the same episode, with dialogue provided by Revoltge.
  • Sarah being a fan of the Warrior Cats book series returns from Classic Season 2, first mentioned in Reactionary.
  • This episode was originally titled Downgrade during production, even referred to as such in the screenplay before being re-titled for the final release.
  • Nicole describing June's helmet as having had a "major malfunction" is a reference to the miniseries of the same name.