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HQ is the second episode of Season 1 and Guard Duty overall. This episode introduces HQ, the employers of the guards.


Geff makes a call to HQ in the hopes of change. Meanwhile, the girls talk about movies.


Black Out Guards



  • Geff reveals he was stationed on Outpost Black Out three years prior to the events of the series.
  • This episode reintroduces Ignacio and Randy from WarGames.
  • Randy does not wear his Mark VI shoulder pads and Bean-117 backpack as he did in WarGames, instead sharing the same armor as Ignacio.
    • He would later acquire the Bean-117 backpack in Team Cosmo!, expressing dismay at no one taking notice of it.
  • Miller's mongoose can be seen in the background as Geff calls HQ.
  • This episode is a reimagining of Something and Annoyances.
  • This episode aired on the twelfth anniversary of Talking.