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Sandguardians is a military science fiction machinima series created by Intro-Mind. Set in the distant future within the Halo universe, Sandguardians centers on the lives of two groups of soldiers engaged in a prolonged war game on the unremarkable territory of Sandbox in an effort to be promoted to high ranking soldiers of the Ordinance Nationality Corporation.

Syp The Mighty, who created Guard Duty, has provided the voice of major character Ellen Delgado since 2014. Syp would cast her costars Ella Rhee, Xanthe Folan, EthanChaotic, Sandguardians creator Intro-Mind himself as the voices of Sarah Daws, Nicole Vega, Randy DeLuca, and Geff Rodrigo respectively during the production of Classic Season 2 and retained for the current series continuity.

Central Characters

Character Portrayed by Season
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Dax Shepard Intro-Mind Main
Ichabod Tunsworth Intro-Mind Main
Jason L. Scott Intro-Mind Main
Legend Intro-Mind Main Recurring
David Miller III Intro-Mind Main
Aliel Gates Intro-Mind Main
Natasha Claire Intro-Mind (S1—3)
Coryn May (S4—)
Evelyn Nash Xanthe Folan Guest Main
Ellen Delgado Syp The Mighty Does not appear Guest Recurring Main
Heinrich Winters JP025 Does not appear Guest Main
Ernest Bernard Jack F (S1—4)
BetterCallHuxler (S4—)
Does not appear Guest Main
Marilyn Houston Ella Rhee Does not appear Main
Archibald Walker EthanChaotic Does not appear Main
Iamo Kasam Bagingi (S4E12—)
Jack F (S4E1—S4E11)
Intro-Mind (S3E11)
Does not appear Guest Main
Bartholomew Haramai Intro-Mind Does not appear Main Recurring
Wilbur Frank Intro-Mind Recurring Does not appear
Thomas Newman Intro-Mind Recurring Does not appear
Guy in White Intro-Mind Recurring Does not appear
Michael Barrett Intro-Mind Does not appear Main Does not appear


  • Sandguardians and Guard Duty share the majority of the same central cast members, including Intro-Mind, Ella Rhee, Xanthe Folan, Syp, and EthanChaotic as Geff, Sarah, Nicole, June, and Randy in Guard Duty.
  • The premiere days of Sandguardians' first episode and Guard Duty's original series pilot are only six days apart, both premiering in November 2011. Likewise, Syp The Mighty and Intro-Mind have known each other since that time since both were fans of Red vs. Blue, one of the earliest Halo machinima series.
  • The development of Sandguardians' fourth season in 2022 inspired Syp The Mighty to revive Guard Duty later that same year and subsequently cast Ella Rhee, Xanthe Folan, EthanChaotic, and Intro-Mind himself in Classic Season 2. In a way, Intro-Mind is the reason Guard Duty is still ongoing.
  • While not explicitly canonical to one another, Syp and Intro-Mind consider Guard Duty and Sandguardians to take place within the same world at different points in time.
  • Intro-Mind was the sole writer for the first three seasons of Sandguardians, as well as most of Season 4 with the exception of its finale where he was joined by Syp.

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  • Halo, the video game series in which Sandguardians is based
  • Guard Duty, a series that shares much of the same cast as Sandguardians

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