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Fax is the third episode of Season 1 and Guard Duty overall. This episode sees Sarah attempting to get the fax machine fixed.


When the fax machine breaks, it's up to Sarah and Nicole to get it fixed!


Black Out Guards




  • June does not appear in this episode, though she is mentioned.
  • Sarah's full name and rank are revealed in this episode.
  • The SAFE program is mentioned for the first time by-name in this episode, mentioned by HQ's system operator.
  • Sarah is implied to have some kind of romantic feelings for Nicole, as indicating by Sarah offering Nicole to join her for a name.
  • This episode reintroduces Outpost High Ground, an outpost that appeared in both WarGames and Major Malfunction, though this episode occurs prior to both series.
  • The Protocol Robots from WarGames are also reintroduced in this episode, though they are merely the same network rather than the exact same units seen in that series.
  • This episode additionally reintroduces Emery and Prim from the Classic series, though they do not speak.
    • Additionally, Emery once again has the Scout chest plate as he did in Classic Season 1 rather than Recon chest plate he had in Classic Season 2. This is due to him acquiring the Recon chest plate later, as depicted in the still-canonical WarGames.
  • Miller inquiring about a fax from HQ to Sarah is a reference to Something, the second episode of Classic Season 1, in which Miller asks June to ask Sarah about the same thing.