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Why-Fi is the fifth episode of Guard Duty Sides, and the first to air during Classic Season 2.


Geff’s television wi-fi stops working.


Black Out Guards

Protocol Robots


  • This is the first Sides episode to actually be referred to as such upon its release and production, as well as the first to feature the current voice cast.
  • The video Geff is watching in his television before it shuts off is Too Hard, a machinima short made using Halo 4 that series creator Syp The Mighty had produced for Firelight Studios in 2015 as a favor for its owner and her friend Blankslate_GG, who would later voice Jack O'Brien in WarGames. Syp had previously produced Annoyances for Firelight Studios in 2012.
  • The Red and Green robots from WarGames appear alongside the other guards to confront Geff.