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Memo Chat is the tenth episode of Guard Duty Sides and the last to air during Classic Season 2. This episode was made to announce the change in name for the channel that Guard Duty is hosted on. As a result of the reset series continuity with Season 1, this is the technically last episode of the Classic continuity overall.


Miller informs June of their outpost being renamed.


Black Out Guards


  • This episode announced the channel that Guard Duty is hosted on being changed from Syp to Spite Box, as Syp The Mighty no longer wanted the channel to be named after herself as more people became involved with the production of the series overall. As of this episode, the final title in the end credits sequence now states "A Spite Box Production" after previously saying "A Syp Production" in prior episodes.
  • Outpost Black Out's name is revealed to be its second name, with it supposedly being known as Outpost Lock Out prior. This is an intentional reference to "Lockout," the map from Halo that the map "Blackout" from Halo 3 originates from.
  • While produced after, this episode occurs before Coming Soon.