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Guard Duty: At The Movies is a movie series lifted from Guard Duty.

A Guard Duty Story series

Standalone miniseries taking place within the same world as Guard Duty, given the subtitle A Guard Duty Story when released as movies.

# Preview Title Released Runtime Description
1. MMmodern.png Major Malfunction February 8, 2017 16:00 The occupants of a military outpost struggle to get along.
2. WGM.png WarGames May 5, 2023 13:55 This story follows the frustrated commander of the UNSC Cosmo starship as he repurposes its training robots to serve in an actual mission alongside a Spartan IV.

Classic continuity

The original continuity, consisting of two movies.

# Preview Title Released Runtime Description
1. Classic S1.png Classic Season 1 February 7, 2017 8:15 Just a bunch of guards on duty.
2. Classic S2.png Classic Season 2 August 11, 2023 33:50 An all new outpost with the same terrible guards.


  • Sometimes alterations are made to the original episodes for these releases, and as such these are considered the definitive versions of their respective series. Changes include:
    • Syp The Mighty recorded new dialogue for June Vega in the re-release of Classic Season 1 to replace June's final line in the initial release of Talking.
    • The events of Something are cropped to match the other episodes of Classic Season 2 for its re-release.
    • The mention of June and Nicole Vega's relation was omitted for the re-release of Classic Season 1, for a reason Syp cannot remember.
    • Revoltge recorded new dialogue for Emery Eden in the re-release of Classic Season 1, replacing the brief performance by Syp in the initial release of Infinity.
    • New title cards are added to add context and connect the episodes of WarGames in its re-release.
    • Every episode of Classic Season 2 are given a filter to give the appearance of being shot on film to match the events of Reactionary in its re-release.

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