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Deception is the third episode of WarGames.


Louie leads the color-coded robot soldiers to a seemingly abandoned outpost, not knowing what lies ahead.



The Damned

High Ground Guards


  • The bodies of O'Brien, Collins, Jones, and Kelen from Major Malfunction appear in this episode, heavily implying this was their fate after the end of that series. This would later be confirmed in the opening flashback of the following episode.
  • Originally this episode was going to be completely different by utilizing the Halo 4 engine to involve the Flood as mentioned in the prior episode. Louie still died, but the robots were intended to fight off the Flood in the following episode before that, too, was changed. These ideas were abandoned when the episode shifted its setting to Outpost High Ground as a tribute to Major Malfunction.
  • When produced as part of the Classic continuity, this episode took place during The Transfer and Infinity, the final two episodes of Classic Season 1.