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Reactionary is the sixth episode of Classic Season 2, as well as the eleventh episode of Classic overall.


The guards have a meeting that’s sure to be productive and helpful.


Black Out Guards



  • This episode introduces Xanthe Folan as the voice of Nicole, voiced by Firesinopa in Classic Season 1. While cast during the production of Trapped!, she was unable to record until this episode.
  • This episode also introduces Intro-Mind as the voice of Geff, voiced by Syp The Mighty in Classic Season 1 and the first three episodes of Classic Season 2. This was due to Syp believing her voice for Geff was too ridiculous to properly develop him as a character, as it was initially her voice pitch-shifted before becoming her go-to mocking voice.
  • Like the previous episode, Revoltge didn't actually record any new dialogue for this episode, with Syp instead using archival audio from an unreleased behind-the-scenes video filmed during the production of Infinity. This was due to Revoltge being too busy to record at the time of this episode's production.