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Ambush is the fourth and final episode of WarGames.


The color-coded soldiers are imprisoned by aliens!




The Damned

Black Out Guards

High Ground Guards



  • During development, this episode originally had no explicit ties to Guard Duty proper and was supposed to be much shorter. This was changed when Revoltge fully returned to the show during the production of Truth, with series creator Syp The Mighty reworking this episode to include guest appearances from Emery and Prim. Revoltge and TheIdsStudios both reprised their roles for this appearance.
    • As with prior appearances, Revoltge improvised much of Emery's dialogue.
    • Syp additionally reprises her role as Miller in this episode.
  • The opening flashback occurs shortly before Boss and immediately after Major Malfunction.
  • The opening flashback depicting the demise of the Outpost High Ground guards serves as closure for Major Malfunction, wrapping up the plot threads from that series while also tying its narrative to Guard Duty.
    • Syp reprises her role as Jones from that series, as well inheriting the role of Collins from MozzyWozzy in the original run. Syp was the director, lead writer, and co-creator of Major Malfunction.
    • Blankslate_GG provided the voice of O'Brien, taking over from Chron Aldazaar in the original run.
    • Kelen was originally going to speak in this sequence, but was cut for time. She retains her rocket launcher that she equipped at the end of that series.
  • When produced as part of Classic continuity, this episode occurred between Classic Season 1 and Classic Season 2.
  • This episode introduces Randy, an intelligence officer revealed to be investigating "incidents" involving Emery and the guards without realizing their involvement.
  • This episode briefly introduces The Brigadier, Molotov, and Cocktail in its post-credits sequence, though none of them speak.
    • The Brigadier was intended to speak at one point when Syp was planning the final scene before ultimately going for a "less is more" approach. Similarly, this is also why The Brigadier isn't accompanied by Valentine (Classic), whose introduction was saved for the post-credits scene of Dare.
  • Ignacio mentions an "incident at Rat's Nest", the outpost destroyed by Emery in Infinity.
  • Geff was intended to appear in this episode, but was ultimately cut for time.
  • During filming, Revoltge wanted to have this episode set at night. However, Syp ultimately chose to keep it set during the day as she felt the filters she was using were unconvincing.


  • The bodies of O'Brien and Kelen are not seen during the end credits moment with the Brigadier. This was due to Syp not having enough controllers for their bodies to be in the scene, as she had already used four for the Brigadier, Molotov, Cocktail, and Louie and the other four she had for the UNSC soldiers surrounding the outpost. Syp felt Louie was more important to include in the scene, as his armor was the one taken by Emery.
  • Randy has the Mark VI shoulder pads in this episode, but was meant to wear CQB. This would be rectified in Season 1, set prior to his acquisition of the Red backpack.